When a family member is no longer able to live completely independently, it can be a difficult decision to make to move your loved one into a nursing home.  However, there is a better option, which is to set up assisted living. 

Assisted living facilities combine independent living with the support needed to live in a safe environment. All assisted living facilities are not alike. However, the common factor among them is to provide a comfortable home-like atmosphere. Many places have individual condominium type homes in a complex with optional community dining and social activities. Others assisted living facilities are in a home setting with each individual in their own private room and a shared kitchen. You need to assess what your loved ones needs and wishes are and try to match them with the type of living style available in your area.

Here are a few things to consider when setting up assisted living:

1. Discuss with your family member the need for assisted living. Many people are understandably resistant to the idea of moving away from their home and what has been familiar for so long.

2. Bring your loved one to a doctor for an assessment. Your family doctor can refer you to an occupational therapist that will perform tests to determine what level of independence your loved one has.

3. Investigate several assisted living facilities. The representatives will be happy to take you on a tour.

4. Figure out how to pay for the accommodations. Most of these facilities will be private pay. There are some long-term care insurance policies that cover the costs of assisted living.

5. Decide which type of facility best matches your loved ones needs. If your family member is still relatively independent and mentally sharp, then a condominium environment might be the best fit. If they have declined quite a bit mentally or have more difficulties with mobility and self-care, then a
private room in a house would be a better option.

6. Investigate the facility of your choice. You can find out information, such as the ratio of caregivers per resident. Every two years a quality controller from your state investigates the facility and gives it a rating based on the quality of care given. You can find this information online.

Transitioning to an assisted living care setting is never easy.  However, it will bring peace of mind to everyone involved. 

Source: experts.merchantcircle.com
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